Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well it has been a while. I haven't up to my intention to blog once a week. I am just wrapping up finishing a colt I have been working with since May 11. He is doing pretty good, kinda lazy, but over all I think he will be a good ride for the owner. He responds to all the commands, he even does leg yields. Most all the goals I had for him are being met, not perfectly, but he can do them. I had him out yesterday in the rain and he walked trotted and cantered whenever I asked him. He doesn't do that well in the round pen. Sometimes you just have to get out and see how the stuff works in the real world outside our little zone. It worked for him and even better. O there were a few glitches, times when he didn't want to move forward in the direction I wanted, but a little irritation with the riding crop on the hindquarters and he decided to move for me. Sometimes that is what we are like isn't it. God wants us to move forward, but we see it as too much work or we just want to go back to our zone and relax. Since He doesn't get the response He wants from us, he provides us with a little irritation on the hind end. You know, a person in your life that doesn't do what you want, or financial set back, or a disappointment, those kind of things that aren't the end of the world, but like an itch that won't go away, they get our attention and compel us to find the answer. When we find it the itch/irritant goes away. God releases the pressure. If only we/I could learn as fast as the horse. So what's pressing you today? Work got you reeling head over heels, or worry about money, or another persons unwillingness to listen to your wisdom? Maybe it is not about the work, money or the person but about God getting your attention to move in forward progress toward Him? HMM! Something to think about. Pay attention to when the pressure is released, maybe you've touched on the right answer.
Just a little irritation goes along way.

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