Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, I'm back home already. Didn't expect so soon, but it is fact.
One morning I went in to get Olivia out of bed and used my horse sense. AS I think I said earlier she really had a hard time hookin' on to me. She would just sit in Grammies lap and eyeball me, watchin' my every move, you know like a horse might. Well, in the morning when I went in to her room to get her. She gave me that same questioning stare and when I moved closer she moved back a step or two and grunted 'uh uh'. So I backed off when I started seeing her move away. Then when I turned to leave, I asked her, (I didn't cluck to her or kiss for her, like I would a horse) if she wanted to get up. That's when it happened, she hooked on to me. We got her diaper changed and out of bed, breakfast and drink and she was in my hand. It took a few more episodes, but she was receptive to me from then on. Though she was in grammies lap alot more.
Josh, later asked me not to start clucking or kissing to her. :}
Reading body language of a horse is crucial to safe riding and training. So it is with people. I played a game with Olivia alot that was all about body language and eyes. We had alot of fun.
Hope you all had a good week and a good day.
So long for now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Had a great last couple days. The grandkids are sick so have been cleaning puke and Dring them. They seem alright today. Olivia has taken these days to study me and see if I am ok to be around. She finally made up her mind and has hung with me now for the day. It's like horses you just have to go slow and show them you are the best person to be around. No! I am not spoiling her. I did tell her no more chocolate. After we ate a bunch. She is such a cutie. I love being a grandpa. Josh got home alright and we have done a couple projects around his house. We jogged 3 m today. the first time i have done that in a long time. It was nice weather, but this afternoon it poured for a couple hours.
next time ....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Got here

Thought I would let all who are interested know that we made it. After 2 days of travel, leisurely of course. We got a late start, but that was ok by both of us. Sometimes just going slow produces a more harmonious outcome. There was a time when getting started on time, like 'zero dark thirty' which means bright and early, was all important and to miss a beat was excruciating. But it is better this way or I would have been irritated. The same with getting here. I am purpose oriented, and to deviate from the plan is bad news. But It reallyd didn't matter. We had a plan but it was loose. Anyway we arrived, weather 84 degrees and sunny. Eat your heart out you Michiganders. We didn't bring warm weather clothes because it was supposed to be cooler here this next week or so I thought. Anyway, we will enjoy the warm weather for you. Hopefully, bring some back when we come. Nevertheless, keep hope alive, it will get warmer.
The kids are great. Autumn cried most of the evening and Olivia kept a wary eye on Grandpa. But after I put together her baby stroller for her baby she started to warm up to me. So this morning I had her laughing and she sat in my lap for the last hour. I knew I would win her over I just had to go at her pace. It's like a horse, you just have to move slow until they realize you are not a predator and are safe to be around. Hey I had to throw a horse thing in here somewhere.
Well I will keep you updated daily maybe.
So Long for now.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Water top and bottom

Sorry for the long wait. I know you who read this are anxious to hear more. But the reality is that I have been caught up in water, both from the top and bottom. The ice dams got backed up and ruined some dry wall. The fixers have been here the last two days patching finishing and painting. Maybe he will be done today and then it is just putting things back together again. Sharon would like our plastic curtain down. on the bottom end, I have been fighting a losing battle with water in the basement. Finally, I have just given in and am going to let it fill up and run off into the sump pump. As it is there are spots with an inch of water on them. needless to say everything is off the floor. Still it is an aggravation at best. I will probably put in drain tile later on. As far as the horses, not much going on their. I haven't had the time to work much with them, but what I have done is worked teaching Jake what Raven knows. Everytime with the horses is a time of improving them and me. My goal is to be as soft as possible with them and still be able to control their movement. The other day I watched as Raven controlled Jakes movement from at least 50 feet away, with just a slight toss of her head and twitch of her ear. Jake knew exactly what she was saying. I do too. She didn't want him going through the bottle neck to the barn before she did. That is the sort of communication I am after with my horses whether I am on their back or not. Come to think of it, that would work well with Sharon too. Ha! Ha!. Actually, most husbands have this down. They know exactly the communication from their wives whether it be a toss of the head (not yours of course), or a squint of the eye, tone of voice. We get it. I think it is funny how Raven, a mare, controls, Jake, a male, with the slightest moves. Oh, there are times he challenges her dominance, just like most men do. But in the end he loses and the pasture party calms down. Now in my house Sharon listens to me and I keep telling her until I hit on what she wants to hear. :} Naw, it isn't like that. We get along great and she does listen to me. But I have found it works best with a soft touch. A little feel goes a long way with horses and wives.
Bye for now.