Tuesday, January 17, 2012


got on again today, this time with Jake. I decided I want to try to ride everyday this week. So this was the second day. I used Jake to give Raven a little break. I went over all the fundamental exercises that were feasible to do today. I didn't do round pen. But all the other exercises I went over to refine  them. I found I need to work more on moving his shoulder over. He keeps spinning like a coke bottle instead of pivoting on his hindquarters. That has to do more with my body position though. I rode about 45 minutes after a 1/2 hour of gw. It was good, but damp as it was drizzling most of the time. I also had to put Prinz up 'cause he just keeps after Jacob. While I was riding Jake really went after Prinz like a good cow horse goes after a cow. I would like to try him on that.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey, I was able to get out and work with Raven a little bit today. I have learned that I have to take every chance I get to work with them. It might be only a couple exercises, like backing up or leading by the muzzle, but every little bit helps to make my connection to the horse a little closer. I actually worked on those things to. I keep trying to refine other exercises too, like the lungeing for respect or c pattern or sending. It helps to have a goal of a few things to actually work on to keep you on track. I rode her around the open area at the walk once in each direction and then at the trot on a loose rein 2 x in each direction. She was trotting with a low head carry and a nice cadence. I also worked in a few rollbacks when I changed direction. then at the trot got her nice and soft by doing the bending exercises too. The wonderful thing about all these exercises is they can be incorporated into the ebb and flow of the training time whether in the arena or on the trail. We also did some cantering on loose rein and then collected by the time we were finished it was about 45 minutes and she was huffing pretty good so we went back on the power line and walked it off. It was all good and makes her a better horse and me a better horseman.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

sunny day

got a short time in with Jake this afternoon. He did real good. Just keep working on the basics getting him soft throughout his body. It was just fun finally to get to work with one of them this week. The snow is starting to melt and so it isn't so deep in riding area. we went through several ground exercises with Prinz (germans shepherd) helping with the compulsion. When I am in the saddle Prinz settles right down. We sometimes chase him. I don't think he likes that though. We did the cruising lesson and both settled right into a nice trot. We then did bending and started two tracking exercises. At the end of the lesson we took a ride out on the power line and back. All of us seemed to like it.
I know I did.