Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What now

Well it is the day after and I have been processing the election results all morning. I have come to some conclusions about it.
1. I have hope. God is still in control. The gospel, God's plan has not been trumped by this election or nullified. Serving Him, for me, is still the main thing.
I just finished writing a sermon (the first of two)describing how we should respond to this outcome. I must say I am disappointed in the election, but not dejected or even depressed.
We have instruction in the Word on what to do (Romans 13:1ff; 1 Timothy 2:1-4) to name just two passages. Lets not forget that Jesus Himself and most of Christianity throughout the ages did not live under leaders who were the best of the best unless you call the best those who are ungodly, self serving, first place wannabe's. Why should we be any different. This helps me to unravel some ropes tying me to this world and freeing me to be hungering more for the next.
2. It showed me that most people are not thinkers, but went to the polls with the 'deer in the headlights' glaze over their minds. I cannot fathom how someone that has not had their senses dulled could vote for Obama. But they did. We won't have long to wait for the change to come. I don't think it will be a p;retty sight when it is all said and done. One good thing is that the democrats won't be able to blame the republicans anymore for the ills our country. Heh, how could they anyway. They were the one's in control of the congress.
Well enough about this I better just put my head down and pray.
God's speed to all

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