Friday, January 30, 2009

Tracking behind Jesus

Whassup, today? There is not alot going around in my mind today. I have awash in bible thinking. You know, reading studying and such.
I got on my horses the other day and froze my toes off. It was fun though trying to refresh my bones memory to what my riding seat was. I wshi I had one of those contraptions in my body like they have in fancy cars. Our buick has it where I can set the seat to my positions, height, angle, lumbar, distance from pedals and all that. Then whenever I get in and use my key it remembers me, by the way I am driver number two (Sharon is always number one), so that when I get in and insert the key and turn it on, the seat automatically goes to where it was when I set it. The mirrors do to. It got sort of aggravating though when someone would borrow my key and change the seat arrangement. Then when I got in the next time it was all screwed up. So I would have to reset it. And golly, I can't remember my passwords, let alone the exact seat position I was in when it got it real comfortable for me. So, I gave up. Now I just leave it where it is at, unless it is way out of whack, and adjust myself to the seat rather than the seat to me. Anyway, I would like to have my body trained to go into the exact position I was in when I had a good seat in the saddle and close connection with the horse. Well, when I got on the other day, it didn't take me long to get back into the swing of the horse. It was refreshing. I adjusted my body several times as I would get it and then lose it and then get it again.
It is like that spiritually with me too. I try to walk with Christ daily (1 John 2:6 "he that says he abides in Christ ought also to walk as He walked."). But I get to traveling in His steps, one foot at a time and lose my balance after a few steps and misstep then get reuprighted and step again. It is a constant exercise in balance and rebalance. I even have trouble walking my deep packed snow trail through the woods to my horse barn. I try to stay in the tracks I already made 'cause it is easier, but can never stay in them perfectly with each stride. I have to keep retracking. But it doesn't stop me from taking the trail. The more I tread the trail the more packed it becomes and the easier it is to walk it. So it is also spiritually for me. I just keep tracking behind Christ and as I develop the trail it gets flatter and easier to walk in His steps. But it takes the prayer and reading, getting the mind of Christ (to you horsemen, feel) so as to know what He would and where He would go next.
So no matter what is happening in your life today- good, bad or ugly, just keep tracking in Jesus steps. You may not get it right most of the time, but keep at it. As you keep tracking with Him your spiritual bones will have memory and fall right into the right place. Piano players, guitar players and other players of instruments call this sort of thing training the fingers to habitually go where they are supposed to. It takes slow, often meticulous practice, but it gets easier as it becomes habit. It's the same with horses. They take to habit. Thank God for habit.

Well have a geat Friday, last one of January.
See Ya!

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