Friday, December 11, 2009

cold and snow

Thought I would get on here and update anyone who cares to know that the horses are plenty happy not being bothered by me and are left alone to eat, drink and be lazy all they want. The snow and cold has me held back as well as having a cold myself. I did however get out there today while I fed them and just had to hang around them, hear them chew their grain, rub them and smell them. Sometimes, I like to put my face into their hides and smell them and feel the warmth and softness of their hair. Sharon likes that too unless I haven't shaved.:} but the horses don't seem to mind that. One thing to remind you of too is that whenever you are around your horse you are training them. Case in point, I was rubbing Jake on his side, not much pressure at all, but he took it that I wanted him to move over like my leg was on him, and so he moved over. Another case in point is my barn has amassed all these dangly thick as hair cobwebs. So I figured I would get the broom and brush them down. Well I knew going in that Jake might not like that and I hated to interrupt his dinner, but I did anyway. He was not too happy, but I worked at just like I would if I was training him to accept the broom. Which I was. He did fine, but that just goes to show you that you are always training the horse no matter what you are doing. Frankly, I don't think I would like someone cleaning cobwebs over my head if I was trying to eat my dinner either. So I don't blame him. It was just good to get out there with them and spend some time with them. One of my other frustrations too is trying to keep my feet warm when I am riding in the winter. I am trying to find an oversize stirrup so I can wear my Sorrels or else an insulated boot that would fit my stirrups. no luck with either yet, 'cept the Kennetrek that is over 200 bucks. There has to be something out there.
I get to get off and go have a spa treatment.

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