Saturday, July 16, 2011

Riding again

It has been a busy week. Sharon & I were at Beaver Island for 2 days, got home on Wednesday night. Then I had to get caught up on things on Thursday and Friday. Friday I had a lesson at Cheerios with 11 yr old Elly. She did real good on Buddy. I got a chance to drive a mini in a mini surrey. I want one of each. But today, I got a chance to ride, even if it was for only an hour. I had to try out Mike's repairs on my saddle. Thank You Mike. It all went well. Raven and I know a lot so I have been just trying to refine and better what we have. But I want to learn a sliding stop so I watched a video about it and went to work. I have to have a good stop and back up at the walk with just my seat, if possible. So I worked on that quite a bit today. I did it at the walk. I still want to do it more. She has to be real collected and round and then I sit deep in the saddle, take my legs off her sides and exhale. She stops n backs up. When I have this real good then I move to the trot. We still have to go to that level. I got bored and needed to check my back woods so we went for a trail ride. Flies were real bad though. We got back after about 1/2 an hour and then practiced kneeling a few times. Then I finished her and put her up. It was a good ride. It gets no better except to do more exercises with precision and lightness. I also want to learn the flying lead change.
So I have some things to work on.
I could use another horse to train too. If anyone knows of one.

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