Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exercise list.

I was able to work with Raven this evening for about an hour. I am working very easy, calmly with them attempting to keep them in a calm state of mind throughout the lesson. I am getting real good results with the groundwork there are still a few in the Intermediate I need to go over yet, but I need to watch some videos of them to see exactly what is expected. Here is a list of the GW exercises. my horses know all but a couple: 1. Changing sides, this is where I stand still and I move the horse so that I am on one side of him then the other by using the slightest pressure. 2. Run up and rub-the horse stands still and I am maybe 10-15 feet away and I run up to any part of their body with them standing still. I even wave my hand, hat, make noise etc. 3. Desensitize to plastic bag 4. slap and tap -anywhere on their body with them being bothered 5. changing eyes - moving their feet and change eyes I am connected to. 6. touch and rub-nose poll and forequarters- this gets them to move with the slightest pressure 7. Out back-back them out to end of lead rope and then invite them back 8. C pattern -I send them around me, then YH and YF and back in front of me and repeat back and forth like a C shape 9. Throw to a stop -Horse is being lunged and I toss the lead rope over their back until they stop 10. sidepassing on fence - my horses don't need the fence 11. Leading behind - this is where the horse stays behind you at whatever gait you are at and they stay with you, even backing up. 12. Turn and go -this is where you throw lead over their head and over their butt and they follow the pressure of the lead and turn and go in the other direction 13. Circle driving transitions - this is lunging up close and they can change directions with smooth flow 14. Line driving 1 - not sure what this is, though my horses line drive 15. circle driving transitions on long line - have not tried this yet. 16. Bridle bending forward around, YH, YF and backup. All but 14, 15 my horses do pretty good. In the riding part 1. vertical flexion at walk, mine do 2. cloverleaf - this is the pattern I do at trot and canter. I worked on this with Raven tonight. She is getting better at it. 3. Yield hindquarters and bending -this is the transition from YH to bending where the horse moves in a circle bent around my leg. Raven and Jake do all these and more. I will list the other exercises next time. Raven had a good lesson tonight though. We make good progress every time we work out. With the darkness coming earlier though it is getting harder to have the time to work with them. I still have another 30 days of my training cycle I want to go through in order to get through the advanced level work.

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