Friday, March 7, 2008

why good beginnings horsemanship

I probably should have explained why a preacher would use the title Good Beginnings Horsemanship as the title of my blog. You see I like horses and have been learning to train horses. I have trained more than a dozen in the last 10 years, but not until the last year did I really come to understand what it is all about. I was reading a Craig Cameron blog, sorry Ken, and came across a comment he made about the importance of a good beginning when working with a young horse. I thought, that's it. That will be the moniker I will use for my training efforts. It says it all, good beginnings. The necessity of starting anything good, or well is imperative if you intend to have a good finish. It is that way with horses, it is that way with people and life in general. When I train a horse I want to have a good beginning with him, gentle, yet firm, consistent, and calm. I hope to be that way in my daily life too.

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