Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, I have gotten my comeuppance. I think that is a word. It is I just checked. Most of you know that I have been taking a horsemanship class over the last several months. We meet once a month. I've been told I ride to stiff and that I am too, shall I say, jerky or spastic, in delivering my cues for movement. The remedy? slow down and get soft. I have been informed this is the way I am at home too, by someone close to me, whom I will refrain from naming. Anyway, I have been working on 'flowing' into my cues with Raven and have found that she is not so spastic either when I do this. When I give her a chance to catch her breath and process what I am asking her to do she responds a whole lot more favorably. Even in my riding I have become softer on the rein and softer in my seat, ie. not riding like I have a rod up the u know what. It is more comfortable for her and for me. Now I just have to develop this habit. I have noticed that when I start calmly with her and end calmly with her there is a sense of harmony defined as " >noun (pl. harmonies) 1 the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect. 2 the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole. 3 agreement or concord.
-ORIGIN Latin harmonia 'joining, concord', from Greek harmos 'joint'."
This harmony makes for a much more pleasant experience in doing my homework with Raven. It also works at home to. Life is just better when there is harmony. I'm a quick responder, you know the 'knee jerk' kind. I react and as one man pointed out the other day, it is 'just to exchange feet.' Today I commit to working on this. I want to flow in and out of situations, not bounce around like the ball in a pinball machine. So the next time you see me I hope I am fluid and not rigid in my demeanor. But enough about talking about the big log in my eye. What about yours?
Is there harmony in your home?

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Josh said...

Haha.. I love your blog. I know where I get my funny writing skills from. The dead squirrell story cracked me up.. You've got some good stuff on here. I'll keep checking back. It's hard to maintain a blog. Most people start one and slowly but surely quit until it's just an old dusty web blog on the net, but you seem to be keeping at it. Kudos to you. I just praise the Lord I have 24 years before my "Double Dip". I'm prayin he comes back before then cause it sounds dreadful. :)