Thursday, October 30, 2008


I know, you probably are tired of hearing about anything political now. We are on campaign overload. But I gotta tell you that I just can't believe anyone would vote for OBama. In order to be fair, I don't really like McCain's ideas the best either. In fact, I haven't looked to deeply into them. But I know enough about him to know who I will choose between the two. Thus, to clarify why I can't possibly vote for Obama here is my two cents.
1. He is pro abortion. I cannot comprehend why anyone who at least makes the claim that he or she is a christian can possibly be okay with killing a baby. I don't think I need to go into detail about how they do that either. On top of that his claim is dubious at best.
2. He will, as has every other democrat, systematically tried to dismantle the military. Our national security is of utmost importance in my mind. I would much rather we be fighting over in Iraq, than here. This man doesn't even uphold a sense of patriotism or fidelity to this country, if you read about his background and his statements that have been oft quoted. The fact that according to one poll I saw, 65% of the military is pro McCain. What boggles my mind is where are the other 35%. Are their heads in the sand?
3. His idea of 'spreading the wealth' concerns me. The last thing I want is for this country to turn to communism, aka 'socialism'. I'm all for helping others out, but when, how and where I choose, not by being told I have to give so much of my income. I am not for having part of my pay check go to support someone who says they cannot work, or don't want to work. "Spreading the wealth" is just a political code word for "government theft."
4. His concept of health care for everyone as though it is a right is Kaibosh! I have to say, I do have health care. But here again, people can go to clinics like the one my wife works at and be seen by a Dr. and be on the sliding fee and if they can't pay they will still be seen. Another flaw in his thinking is that he has not said where the money is going to come from to pay for that health care. But unless you are a complete idiot you must be aware that it will come from taxes. So much for not raising taxes, heh! I have a friend who is Canadian, where they have National Healthcare and they pay 48% of their income, get that, almost 1/2 of their income to pay for it. It is noticeable that those who are for it haven't told us the price tag if that happens here.
There are many more reasons but I have to get to a meeting tonight. So I will continue this later.

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