Friday, December 19, 2008


somebody told me that if you answer that phone that way, the automated computer calls will just hang up. I don't know if that is true or not, but don't hang up! Yet! It's not that I have something really important to say today, but I will try. I haven't worked much with the horses lately. Too cold and the footing for the horses is not very safe for them. When the ground gets soft and then freezes after they have walked on it makes for difficult walking for me with two feet let alone four. They could easily injure a fetlock or bruise a soul. Imagine, if you will, walking on bare freet through a minefield of 5 or 6 inch holes of jagged, swiss cheese like ice clods of frozen manure and mud. It isn't easy even for me. So until I miraculously get a indoor riding arena, riding will be sparse. But I hope even today or this weekend to get out and be in the saddle. I love riding when it is snowing and the snow piles up on my jacket and hat. There is just something about it. I remember once several years ago Angie and I went out riding in winter. It wasn't snowing when we left, but by the time we got back we looked like two snow cowboys covered in snow. It was grand! There is also something about riding in the snow that if you get bucked off in the right spot, no jagged mud clods, in deep snow it makes for a soft landing. Haven't had that happen yet. Hope not to experience it.
We have several inches on the ground now and it keeps coming. Sure is pretty, but it gets old fast, probably proportionate to my age.
Just finished my sermon for our Christmas program on Sunday. I am taking a new look at Romans 5:8 in light of this Christmas. It gets you thinking about How much God loves you to be willing to send His only Son to die in our place, we who are dirty, rotten, sinners, deserving of death and hell and all that goes with it. Yet, God, because of His great love for us, has sent His Son to be born into our world of human depravity, experience what we experience and despite that fact that we were His enemies, detestable to Him, Christ died for you and me. Can there be any greater love than that? NO WAY! If you haven't accepted that love gift. Why not repent of your sinfulness now and receive His gift of Jesus for your sins. Believe in Him. Trust Him as your Savior. Call upon Him to save you and He will, Romans 10:9-13. That is why this Christmas thing is so important. It is not about trees and lights and gifts, but about the gift of His Son so that we who are dead in our trespasses and sins might have life instead. Let the death on the cross of Jesus Christ put this Christmas into perspective for you today.
From my home to yours, wishing you a very merry Christmas.

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