Friday, December 26, 2008


HO!HO!HO! Where do you suppose that comes from? It must be short for something. I was thinking maybe it is short for HOPE and that whoever started the trend was trying to say it but was shivering with such cold that they couldn't spit it all out. I don't know, it was just a thought.
But we sure do have much to hope today. For those of us who are believers we have hope of eternal life, but it is expectancy with no chance of not happening if we have put our faith in Jesus Christ. If you read the news much you acknowledge that there are many folk who don't have that hope and think the answer killing others or self. But my hope is in Christ and so because He lives I can face today and tomorrow if I am given one. Either way the babe in the manger grew to be a man and die on the cross so that guys like me can have eternal life. No other gift need be given. Thank You Jesus.
On a lighter note we all fared well on Christmas. We got stuffed on the food and snacks and just as well on the company of family. The horses each got an apple along with their regular feed in the trough. I'm sure they appreciated it. Jake, as usual had it gone without even tasting it. Raven on the other hand seemed to savor it to the last bite of her grain as she just took a bite here and there mixed in with her other feed. I wonder if Jake has learned if he tarries in the eating of such fare he might be forced to cede the rest to Raven who is number one. She seems to get what she wants from Jake. He likes to remind her he is not such a pushover. Nevertheless, she still crowds him into the corner of his stall if she wants to. I have seen him try to stand her off by rearing, showing his teeth, throwing his head around as though he is saying, "I'm the man around here, you can't tell me what to do!" He usually does this as she cocks an ear at him and sends him head down to the other side of the pen. You can easily tells who wears the pants, er uh, shoes??? in this herd. :}
Well I hope that all have a great and safe holiday time and many more to come.

Adios, Amigos!
Thought I'd try a little spanish on ya.


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