Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching up

Thought I'd catch up with all who care. I have been busy as a bee the last few weeks since returning from vacation. I finally got the water in my basement resolved. We put about 350 feet of drain tiles in so now our basement is back to normal. We just have to wait for everything to dry up and the concrete to cure then we will begin painting and sealing the floor and walls and getting things back on the shelves in the basement.
I also began working with my horses again. And in just a few days of working with them have learned a bunch about my position in the saddle to work through transitions of walk trot canter and whoa! just by using my seat position. There is a fine line that puts you forward or behind the drive line of a horse in terms of their center. Get behind it and the horse moves forward, get in front and the horse slows or stops but there is just a hairs breadth of difference between them. Thus it is like balancing on a wire. This also is done from the ground so that body position is important. Its kind a like when you pull up to a corner in your car and someone is already there. They may have the right of way but signal to you to go. But you are not sure if you should go or not so you just inch along until you are sure then you go. That's like what I am talking about. In order to do what I am talking about it takes alot of focus, paying attention to the horses movements; to your own seat in the saddle as well as posture (leaning forward or back), leg position, whether or not you are over the horses center or leaning left or right. It sounds really complicated but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy. THen the horse starts to recognize exactly what you are wanting and may even anticipate it. I guess the key words are focus and centered. Focus on what you are asking and how you are asking it so be crystal clear. Centered because you have to be in the right position on the horse or from the ground in relation to the horse to eliminate any static in the communication line. The same is true, I know you know this is coming, spiritually as well. If you want to communicate with God there must be focus on the Lord (He is the one communicating to you). If you want to hear Him you have to focus your attention on Him (like the Israelites in the wilderness watched for the cloud or fire to move off the tabernacle to signal breaking camp and moving, or if they were moving watching for Him to light on the tabernacle to signal stopping and making camp). But you also have to be centered, ie. in right standing with God by faith in Christ. As well as being right with Him on a daily basis by regularly confessing your sin and keeping the communication line clear between you and Him. If you do this you will experience a quality of ride in life that is incredibly rewarding, peaceful, and harmonious. So God bless, stay focused and centered.

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