Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, I'm back home already. Didn't expect so soon, but it is fact.
One morning I went in to get Olivia out of bed and used my horse sense. AS I think I said earlier she really had a hard time hookin' on to me. She would just sit in Grammies lap and eyeball me, watchin' my every move, you know like a horse might. Well, in the morning when I went in to her room to get her. She gave me that same questioning stare and when I moved closer she moved back a step or two and grunted 'uh uh'. So I backed off when I started seeing her move away. Then when I turned to leave, I asked her, (I didn't cluck to her or kiss for her, like I would a horse) if she wanted to get up. That's when it happened, she hooked on to me. We got her diaper changed and out of bed, breakfast and drink and she was in my hand. It took a few more episodes, but she was receptive to me from then on. Though she was in grammies lap alot more.
Josh, later asked me not to start clucking or kissing to her. :}
Reading body language of a horse is crucial to safe riding and training. So it is with people. I played a game with Olivia alot that was all about body language and eyes. We had alot of fun.
Hope you all had a good week and a good day.
So long for now.

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