Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas eve ride

I had a good ride this morning on Buddy. My goal with him is just to get in sync with him. We spent some time on the ground doing various exercises to warm him up and then I got on. He just stands there til I tell him to move off. It is nice that he waits for instructions from me before he takes to doing his own thing. I wanted to work more on his back up and then also on his hips and shoulders over. So we worked on them. His back up is getting better as I pick up a rein and add my seat and leg he is picking it up. We worked on that several times throughout the ride. I also had him following his nose pretty good. I had him trotting but he keeps wanting to go into a canter, although it is a nice lope, I want him to trot so I had to keep backing him off that. I think next time I am going to let him canter until he drops down to a trot then make him canter until I have him go back to a trot. I want to be able to trot him on a loose rein and move up and down the gaits without any resistance. He is not at that point yet, but he is getting there.
Well I gotta get going. One more thing to shop for before the day is done.
Merry Christmas to all.

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