Friday, December 3, 2010

saddle slip

Buddy did real good today. I got him saddled and started working with him. He was responding real good. Probably the biggest thing that happened with him today was that he stood in one spot with noone around in the arena for probably 20 minutes while worked with another horse. Another student was having problems with getting her horse to stand still so I took the horse and started to work with it, but the saddle wasn't on tight and it slipped to the side and finally under the horse's belly. He didn't take to kindly to that and had a little bit to say about it. He got just a tad worked up but I got him calmed down and took it off of him then resaddled him. I worked him for a few minutes and then gave him back to the student. Well, during this entire time ol' Buddy just stood on the other end of the arena as though he were a statue. He didn't move at all. That is what I like to see. It comes from working a horse and helping them to see how easy it is to just stand there.
Then I took him and and started to work him a bit. He was real relaxed and soft for me. Then my other student came in and she took over. She did very well with him and rode him about 20 minutes and he was relaxed the entire time.

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