Monday, January 10, 2011

first lesson of the New year

I was out this morning with Buddy and Chris. We had our first lesson of the new year. I was quite pleased with both of them. Chris remembered what we she had learned before the holidays. She just needed to brush up and them and refine them a bit. She did a good job on all the exercises with Buddy. I wasn't too surprised with Buddy. He knows this stuff and it sticks with a horse with not too much of a refresher. So he responded real well to Chris' feel. I was eager to take him in hand too and work with him a little bit. I need to get the horse smell on me again. I might ride later today. Depends on what I get done around here. Chris had a good ride on him too. She did good at disengaging his hindquarters to a one rein stop. He moved out for her smoothly and followed the rein. He had some issues when she was rding back towards me and would try to turn him in the other direction. He wanted to come toward me so did some leg yields but that was because he wasn't paying attention to her but wanted to get back to me and quit. So I told her what to do and she did it and it worked to keep him going. Part of the plan was to keep him on the other end of the arena so that he wouldn't keep wanting to stop. In the end though she had a good ride on him and he did fine.
I will let you know if I get out to ride today with a blog note later on. Have a sunshiney day.

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