Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am sitting here waiting for the blizzard to get into full swing hear. It is snowing quite a bit out there. I am antsy about getting out and riding again. After being gone for a couple weeks I am having equine withdrawal symptoms: dreaming about riding, working through my mind on several exercises for my horse, visualizing leg yields, haunches in etc. I even dreamed I was riding in an indoor arena that is not much bigger than my barn. Well, enough of that.
When I was in Mexico I did get to ride for a couple hours in Aconche, Sonora Mexico. We rode to the Agua Caliente/Hot springs that they are known for. Here are a few pics of the Tres Amigos. I will have to try to upload pics later it doesn't seem to want to do it for me tonight. I will try again later. Anyway we got to move some cattle off the road too. We had a good ride and all got back safely.

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