Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cats, balls and noises

You will understand that title in a minute so keep reading.
I got started with Camina by saddling her. She did well for not having had a saddle on for a couple months. I always wonder how a new horse will handle it after some time off. So I took necessary precautions. But it all went well. I got her circling and warming up to a trot and back to a walk. Today was to be a day of desensitizing her to more things.
It all started with two cats who live at Cherrios. they decided they wanted to come out and play in the arena at the same time I was working with Camina. This meant that at times she was more interested in their antics than following my lead. It provided an opportunity for me to keep asking her to pay attention to me. The kind of head turning she was doing was akin to a guy watching nice looking girls walk down the street. He needs a slap in the head, and probably gets one if his wife or girlfriend is with him, and rightly so. It is just plain rude. So I had to put some sense into Camina. The cats took their little circus to the other end and were climbing over the kick wall to get between the walls and that really startled Camina so we went down their to work in ringside with the cats. That went pretty good. I got her on the long line and got her cantering better than she has so far with me. Nice loping canter after an off to the races type canter. She settled down. Then her buddy started to whinny and went into a one really good bucking fit. I am glad I wasn't on her for that. Even though it was a single jump and forced her on faster it would have shook me down to my socks.
Well after about 15 minutes of transitional stuff we changed things up and got the big ball out. I bounced it around her and rolled it against her and up on to her neck and back she didn't like it at first, but she began to stand okay with it. During the whole time of our work the wind was really blowing against the doors and walls making some odd noises. She was quite the jumpy one because of it. I just kept her busy though and she handled it ok.
I finished off with a plastic grocery sack. I started rubbing her with it and shaking it around until she also would stand with that and then I rubbed her around the neck, nose and ears until she would just let me do it with moving her head. I quit when she lowered her head for me as I rubbed her with the bag.
So look at obstacles or problems or troubles as opportunities to grow and change as I looked at the cats, balls and noises as opportunities to further my relationship with Camina. You can't stop the troubles but you can change the way you look at them and handle them.

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