Friday, March 4, 2011

Ice on the roof

Well it has been raining and warming up around here. I'm thankful for an indoor riding arena. However, there are still some pitfalls to that, like snow sliding off the roof. It makes a loud noise the horses aren't too sure about. It did make for good training though.
I have been working Camina. Yesterday I rode her for a few minutes in the end of the session. We had a good one, did alot of desensitizing to ball, bag and tarp she handled all of them good. I picked up on something that I should have known when I lunge her. I realized that I need to be stepping to her hip to drive he forward. When I did that she responded much better and stayed shaped toward me.
Today, I warmed her up nicely and put a bit in her mouth of the duration of the session. She recently had her teeth floated and that made a world of difference in the way she carries the bit. I lunged her remembering what I learned yesterday and she went into trot and canter smoothly in both directions. I got the ball out and the bag of noise and tarp out and worked her through those. She did very well. The cats and the ice on the roof coming off helped in this area. At the end of the session I rode her and she did very well. I even got my whip and twirled it around like I would a rope, cracked it several times did several disengagements and other transitions. I think this was the best lesson yet and that She is farther along now than she was when I quit her last year. I am excited about where we are going from here. She really is moving better from my feel and I am more atuned to her now too. One day at at time though.

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