Monday, December 5, 2011

gettin' to ride

No, it hasn't been since Thanksgiving that I rode last. However, I haven't been on the horse for the last week. Just too busy getting other things done. Until today, that is. I was able to work some time in with Raven this evening. I worked her on stage three lunging with a long line. She did better than I expected. She got up into a trot right away and stayed there until I slowed her. She only faltered one time an we just kept going at that. We did the c-pattern and sending with long line too and she did real good. In the riding portion I am pleased with our level of advancement. I am really trying to refine what she knows so that the cues are almost unnoticeable and my hands are real still and soft too.My main problem has always been asking for too much too soon, but today and lately I have just been getting a little bit. I could tell after about a half hour of concentrated riding she was tired of the intensity so we simply took it easy and quit on a soft note. All in all, it was a good session, more positive than negative. And it was cold. Winter is getting here.

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