Thursday, December 8, 2011


The last two days I have taken advantage of the weather to work with the horses. It was cold, but at least no snow. Fortunately I also have a gravel rode to work in so that I do not have to work in the mud, though the horses don't like the gravel much. I have been working on the advanced level exercises with Raven and kind of backtraking with Jake because I haven't had the time to work with him much lately. The groundwork has been fun for me as I have not always had the time to saddle up and ride. By the time I get through the ground exercises I have used up about a half hour of my time but it sure helps with geting a tighter connection with them. I am trying to refine my connection with them both so that it appears that they are merely doing what I am thinking. It takes lots of tries and failures but I am constantly reminded to back off and slow down and quit asking for so much in the beginning. I think that is good for me to remember in all areas of life. Take it easier more relaxed and see if the outcome is not better and quicker. I certainly applies to the way I do anything, whether driving riding or just talking with my wife. As with her if there is a problem it is almost always my fault and that is the truth. It might be that I am asking wrong or sitting in the saddle wrong so that it confuses the horse. Maybe I am asking her to go forward but she is backing up. It is because of me. You know this probably works for dancing with Sharon too. :) Anyway, most of the time when I work with the horses I am trying really to change me and refine me and correct me. But I gotta hand it to my horses and wife they put up with me and teach me a lot. Fortunately they do not run the other way when I come around, at least not far. :) They are good teachers to say the least. Hope tomorrow is another god day to ride.

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