Tuesday, January 17, 2012


got on again today, this time with Jake. I decided I want to try to ride everyday this week. So this was the second day. I used Jake to give Raven a little break. I went over all the fundamental exercises that were feasible to do today. I didn't do round pen. But all the other exercises I went over to refine  them. I found I need to work more on moving his shoulder over. He keeps spinning like a coke bottle instead of pivoting on his hindquarters. That has to do more with my body position though. I rode about 45 minutes after a 1/2 hour of gw. It was good, but damp as it was drizzling most of the time. I also had to put Prinz up 'cause he just keeps after Jacob. While I was riding Jake really went after Prinz like a good cow horse goes after a cow. I would like to try him on that.

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