Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I walked into he pen today, Raven came out of her stall with Skye on her tail and Jake stood off about 30 feet. I walked in and Raven didn't walk off but stood as did Skye with me within 5 feet of her. I just stood there. Jake looked to me and stood watching. Skye was all over me sniffing, nudging. I just stood with my hands in my pockets doing nothing. I was ready to wake Skye up should he decide to nibble but other than that I was just there to observe what they would do. I was glad Raven just stood there and didn't wander off. Skye became bored with me after 5 or 10 minutes and walked off. Raven stood with head down periodically throwing a glance my way. I decided to walk over to Jake not acting as a predator. He stood there for me. It was like he was asking me to come over. I stood there and let him sniff and nuzzle my coat and jeans. Skye started to come over so I stepped across Jakes front to his left side so that he could do as he pleased with Skye. It was interesting watching Skye ask to come over. Jake let him get a little closer and let him know by lungeing at him that he was too close. Jaked walked down to the other part of the paddock turned and started back. Raven moved him to his left with just her body movement and position to ensure that he would not come a way she didn't like. He was about 20' from her but she was real clear and he showed he got her message. He then walked right down to me and stopped about 6 feet away. I stepped away with my back to him and that drew him in closer. He nuzzled and smelled again. I rubbed him between the eyes and he lowered his head. I stopped and the did it again and he lowered his head. Then I just stood there with his head next to my right arm and did nothing. Skye started to come closer again and Jake again moved him off and then came right back to me. It was like Jake was telling him I was his. I stood with Jake for a time and then did some liberty work with him, asking for disengagement and moving his shoulders over from both sides. Not a lot, just once or twice from each side. Then walked off and he followed me so I stopped again and let him stand next to me. After several minutes I freed him and walked over to Raven. She moved off so I kept repositioning myself as Skye got in between us. I did this ever so softly making her change directions the same way she made Jake move. Then when she stood I walked up to her and stood with her head next to me on her left side. Skye came up and she didn't care so I let him. We stood several minutes then I rubbed her between the eyes. Skye moved around behind her to her right side and then came up. I guess he wanted some rubbing too. I just stood there and observed how she handled Skye. Jake in the mean time wanted to come up to me too, but Raven wouldn't let him. I don't know how she told him know but he turned and walked toward the barn and just watched. Soon I was too cold and gave her and Skye one last rub and walked over to Jake and rubbed on him a moment then walked out of the pen. It may not sound like alot was accomplished, but to me it was huge. I didn't have to chase them down, they stood for me and let me just observe. I sort of asked them if I could come over and pet on them and just be with them. Skye does the same thing, but Jake won't let him. It was fun. Oh, I should say that I did some liberty work with Raven also and it worked out fine.

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