Monday, March 11, 2013


It has been since January 12 that I have rode my horses. I had the foot surgery on the 14th. Today was the first day that I got out there in the muck and the mud and the rain to just stand and observe them in the paddock. I have done some reading from Mark Rashid's books and wanted to just try out a theory that I caught to mean "think it visual it and given patience the horse will do it.' My goal was to have my horses just gather around me after I stood in the paddock. So that is what I did. I walked into the muck and then they sort of scattered and then stood. I began to think, 'Raven come to me, Jake come to me' Skye got the message and within 5 minutes he was standing next to me nibbling, smelling, anything but just stand next to me. So I rubbed on him abit. Obviously, my communication with Raven and Jake was broken so I went back to thinking them over to me. 'How did that work,' you ask? Well, I think there was too much confusion going in my mind. Although, when I focused on Jake and not Raven too, He immediately perked up and looked at me, stepped his shoulder over to face me better, cocked his rt. hind leg and watched me. I kept thinking and trying to visualize, 'come to me Jake.' Nothing happened. Ten minutes went by then 20 and 30 minutes. Nothing. He was going to sleep. I must not have been thinking loud enough. Skye came back about that time and we scratched each other for a few minutes. Then I decided to make the first move and step toward Jake. I ambled over to him and rubbed on him. He didn't show any sign of moving away so I asked him if I could come in to say hi and he stood. I watched him with Skye. Skye a little too close for Jake and he shoved him away with a stretching out of neck and shake of his head. Skye got the message loud and clear and scrambled off a few steps. Jake did this a time or two. Then I moved over to Raven and she moved off. So I went back to jake until she settled back down and then I walked over to her and rubbed on her. Skye was right in on this too. Raven didn't seem to mind. In evaluting this session I learned I need to concentrate on one horse at a time and make sure my energy is off and my mind is focused and that I have alot of time and patience. I will revisit this again.

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