Friday, May 31, 2013

First rides

Moon got his first ride. Here is how it worked out. I walked into his stall and he walked into his paddock. He turned to look at me and I kissed to him. He walked right back in to me, even though his buddy was out there. I knew something was different. I took him in the rd pen and saddled him. He took it as if he had always done it. I stirrup drove him. No bother. When I flexed him I really noticed the difference in him. He was soft as butter in his lateral flexion. So I got on him a few times and asked for YH and got it. Then I got off and got my bags and tarp out. They didn't bother him much either. I laid the tarp out small he walked right over it. So I made it as big as it gets and he walked over it. Then I was just standing there with him and he decided to walk over it. Then I moved it to another spot and did the same thing. I put everything up stepped in the stirrup and mounted. We did several YH and YF IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. It was good. That was his ride today. So Grand was much the same as moon. I saddled him. He was still a little excited about the saddle. But no actual bucking. Now he is down to just moving quick. I let him go and did some changes with him. Then he was right with me. I flexed him and stirrup drove him. Then stepped on 'cause he was licking. Had him YH a few times both sides. Then got the bags and tarp out. There was some bother but nothing that wasn't worked out. He went over the tarp pretty good. Then I got on him again and had him YH a few more times and he was relaxed. Callie gave me another good ride. I took him down the road and every time he looked in one direction and started to go in that direction I just YH and YF and walked off again. I had to do it several times. But I was in no hurry to go anywhere, we'd already been down the road several times. So when he would make a decision to go his own way I just stuffed it down his throat and made him do it more. I really worked on his YH a lot because I want it when I pick up my rein and put a leg on him. I even got some side passing or leg yield out of him. We worked our way down the road doing this kind of stuff. Then I would let him go straight and as long as he went straight I left him alone. But as soon as he crossed the line we went to work. You know what happened. He got real soft and collected so that all I had to do was pick up the reins and softened. So it was a good ride. Neither one of us got all stirred up.

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