Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Second ride

this is what happened yesterday 6/3 I started with Moon. Saddled him right off. Then took halter off moved him off. I let him go around a few times changed directions and so on. I got my bag out and desensitized to the bag, noise bag, and tarp. Then I laid the tarp out and asked him to go over it using the sending exercise at liberty. It only took a few minutes and he was going over. It was fast at first, but then he slowed down to a walk and even offered to go over the last two times. So I quit there. It was a pretty sight to see him at liberty offer a YH then YF and move forward. Several times after he crossed I let him rest and he walked up to me and garnered a rub on his face. Then I flexed him, stirrup drove him and then got on. I hooked up my lead into reins, got in the saddle, took a deep breath trying to relax and asked for YH and YF and a step. We kept doing this to the left and worked our way up to walking around the pen and then to a trot. He did real good this direction. The other direction is the one he has trouble with. But it wasn't much. We worked up to walking all around then to a trot. That is where he got worried but I bent him around and slowed him to a walk. Then back up to trot. We rode for 15 minutes. It was good for both of us. I dismounted flexed him and took off the saddle. Then did some GW to finish off. So Grand was much the same. I had to move him around the pen before I saddled him. And then took the halter off. I let him move off to see what he would do at liberty with the saddle. He didn't disappoint me. He bucked slightly and cantered around several times. I changed directions a couple times and he settled down. Then I brought the bag out and at liberty sacked him out to all three. The tarp was much more difficult for him this time. He kept wanting to cut between me and the tarp. I just kept asking him and after several attempts, maybe about 10 minutes he was walking over the tarp in either direction. I moved the tarp to the other side of the pen and asked again. It bothered him some, but he started going over it at a walk soon enough. I then put the halter on him and rigged up the rein. I got on and off a couple times and flexed him. Then I got on him and had him YH and YF to the left we just kept playing with that til he cold go all around the pen at a walk. Then we went up to a trot. It was hard to get him into a trot, but when he did it for me a couple times we switched sides and ran through the same tasks. I quit him at that point and unsaddled him and walked him around a few minutes. We rode about 20 minutes. Callie had it easy. I just took him down the road. We mostly had a relaxing ride. He just needs to have his mind occupied with whatever the rider wants. He is so curious, always looking to the right or left, but then he drifts in that direction too. So I just keep flexing or softening him and working on YH or YF, and backing up. He did real good.

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