Wednesday, October 30, 2013

continuing the 60 days

I think I am on about day 25. that was yesterday. I lost track because of the days I missed due to rain last week and due to the fact that my schedule wouldn't let me work both horses. At any rate both horses are doing real good. I am presently working on the intermediate GW and riding. Most of the GW exercises we know and we are attempting to work on the second riding exercise which is riding a cloverleaf pattern at all three gates so that the horse is following his nose on the bends and staying straight on the straightaways without wiggling all over. Also there can be no resistance or breaking of gait. We are making progress. I also have my fencing all up, which was another reason for my missing some days. I just need to hook up the electric and install two gates. Then I can pretty much just leave my horses in their new area. I may have to put them up in the barn if the weather gets real nasty, because they only have a leanto to get out of the weather. I am not sure how much they will stay in there and the barn has enclosure on most of the four sides so much more weather protection. My next project is getting my riding arena put up and my barn built.

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