Thursday, October 10, 2013


I wanted to update anyone interested on what I am doing with horses. Over the last 3 weeks or so I started to take my horses through a 60 day course of training/refresher of the Clinton Anderson fundamentals/Intermediate and Advanced course. I am on day 19 today, that is if I am able to make the time to do it. My schedule is pretty busy today. They are both doing real well. We are working on the Intermediate level exercises. They know all the exercises but two in the GW and we are working on the riding ones more. Some of them they know others they don't. I still need to watch the dvds on those exercises so that I know what CA is looking for. THey will be fun, rollbacks, shoulder in/out, changing leads, sidepassing are just a few of them. I plan on working on these for about the next 20 days or so then move into the advanced lessons. It is amazing how much progress/connection/fun you can have with your horse if you consistently work with them on a daily basis (4-6x per week) I am also in the process of getting my fencing put up so that I can move my horses to their new lodgings. I have their run in shed and their round pen finished. Most of the posts are in for the fence, now it is tightening the corners, running the wire, putting gates up and hooking it in to electricity. Then they get moved to greener pastures. I love looking out the back and seeing them grazing. I will post more later.

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