Thursday, March 12, 2009

Got here

Thought I would let all who are interested know that we made it. After 2 days of travel, leisurely of course. We got a late start, but that was ok by both of us. Sometimes just going slow produces a more harmonious outcome. There was a time when getting started on time, like 'zero dark thirty' which means bright and early, was all important and to miss a beat was excruciating. But it is better this way or I would have been irritated. The same with getting here. I am purpose oriented, and to deviate from the plan is bad news. But It reallyd didn't matter. We had a plan but it was loose. Anyway we arrived, weather 84 degrees and sunny. Eat your heart out you Michiganders. We didn't bring warm weather clothes because it was supposed to be cooler here this next week or so I thought. Anyway, we will enjoy the warm weather for you. Hopefully, bring some back when we come. Nevertheless, keep hope alive, it will get warmer.
The kids are great. Autumn cried most of the evening and Olivia kept a wary eye on Grandpa. But after I put together her baby stroller for her baby she started to warm up to me. So this morning I had her laughing and she sat in my lap for the last hour. I knew I would win her over I just had to go at her pace. It's like a horse, you just have to move slow until they realize you are not a predator and are safe to be around. Hey I had to throw a horse thing in here somewhere.
Well I will keep you updated daily maybe.
So Long for now.

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