Friday, November 18, 2011

advanced with Raven

Ok, I started to work through the advanced level with Raven the other day. We just worked on Lunging for respect stafge 3 which is using a 14' lead having the horse back away and then send them left or right. My feet stay still and the horse needs to move around me without stopping or breaking gait until I ask them to do either and then draw them back in. This incorporates other exercises: out back, yield hindquarters and forequarters, sending. Raven has done this before so it wasn't that big of a deal. She did try to stop a few times 'cause I don't move she thinks she can stop. So I had to send her off again each time. But she got it. I worked her a second day as well. It worked in great because I had only a little time and didn't need to saddle her. When we are done there will be another 32 exercises to add to her field of knowledge. All 3 levels include more than 90 exercises so that is alot of things to do with your horse.
Many of he advanced exercises she has already done, but just needs to refine better so we are off to a good finish or start here. If the weather will cooperate and not get the footing too chopped up it will be good.

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