Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Moving on up with Jake

thought I would take a break and just let you know what was happening on the Jake front. He and I had a good workout yesterday. He is doing real good at the lunging stage three. I think I might move up to the 25 foot lead and see how he does. I worked on the bridle bending with him and then the serpentine which incorporates the bridle bending. We also got going on the cruising. He is movin' up in the levels. These are all mixed up in terms of the levels Clinton Anderson uses, but Jake is taking it all in stride and I am mastering these moves better myself in terms of learning the details of hand seat and leg positions so as to get the most out of the session. So for almost an hour each time we are making good progress toward getting more advanced in our horsemanship with feel.

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