Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter riding

Suggestion for me next time. Wear gloves. I am having a hard time typing this 'cause my hands are in that state of cold and warm where they don't work so good. Thank God for chaps and jackets. They kept me warm and dry for the most part. It was really snowing for a while there. I took Raven out and worked her from the ground a few minutes to warm her up. I wanted to work on three exercises: bending with softness, serpentine and roll backs. So I spent about 15 minutes on each one. She started out a little resistant but  I stuck with it and finally she yielded and gave me the soft feel I was looking for. The serpentine was the best one though. She really got soft for me moving back and forth like a slithering snake across the road. I had her so soft that basically only had to add a feathery soft touch to get her to change shape and direction with a little bit of leg to support her. Then the roll backs. Those she does pretty good. I didn't have a fence to use, so just went back and forth on the road. By this time I was a little damp and chilled so I didn't spend as much time on it as I would have liked. All in all though, the time was well spent and we accomplished much.
til next time.

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