Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a gorgeous day

I had to get out and ride today. It was almost 80 degrees here. I got Raven out and worked her back to my house. Now I always do ground work on my way down my drive so that by the time I get to the saddle she is warmed up and I can tell if she is with me on this. I also get an opportunity to work with Prinz, my German Shepherd. I am teaching him manners around horses. I make him sit by my little trailer while I finish ground work, then when I start riding I let him follow, but he has to behave, no barking and jumping around the horses.
I have a 300' x 300' area I ride around the perimeter now so after some ground work, we took off on a nice walk for a lap, then trotted (cruising). We did three laps in each direction. She has to maintain her gait and if she speeds up or slows down I take the corrective action and put her back in a trot. Then we did the same with a canter. Then I started to ask for collection and bending in a circle. She was really worked up so we took a walk out on our power line to the road and back. I stopped by a creek behind our school to see if she would go down into that. It has short drop off kind of banks and flows pretty good. While I was letting her get used to the idea of stepping down into the water I noticed two pretty big salmon trying to get beyond a bunch of branches in the water to go upstream, I am assuming to spawn. I could have scooped them up with my hands. I didn't. I just watched them wiggle their tails back and forth keeping in one place. Hopefully, they will make it. Anyway, we then went into the water and back out and headed back to the house. It was a good ride.

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Lamplighter said...

Sounds like a nice day.