Monday, April 19, 2010

fun with the horses

It has been good to be back in the saddle. I've missed working with the horses for the last week. I have only worked with them 2x since last week. Time is the issue. But I gotta tell you one day I just wanted to work with Raven to relax. I didn't want to go fast through anything and just wanted to be calm and relaxed throughout. I ended up working with her for 2 hours. We worked in the arena trying to get the hind end moving over so I could start working on the haunches in. We still didn't get it. I must be doing something wrong or she is not ready for it yet. We got out on the trails and rode. I worked on things for a few minutes then let her move out. We were both relaxed when we got back and the softness was there.
Today I was able to get out with Jake, but in the middle of it got interrupted by someone that needed to talk. But He is really soft. He doesn't like to yield his head to the side. When I ask him to move his head to the side, lateral flexion and vertical, he throws his head around. We did have a shortened workout but it was still good and both of us were relaxed in the end.

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