Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I wasn't kidding about moving tons of manure in the last blog. I figured out I moved 5.3 yards of the stuff. According to Cha Cha a yard of soil = 3,000 pounds so I moved 16,000 pounds of manure= to 8 tons. That is alot of manure. The thing about it is, I had fun doing it. It was great exercise and I wasn't that sore the next day.
On another note, I worked Raven on monday evening and boy is she getting really responsive or I am getting better with her. I am still trying to get the haunches in and haven't quite figured it out. She moves her hind end over nice, but I cant' get it at the right time. I think I get it on one side a little bit, but on the other side, no. At the end of the session, I kneeled on her back. I am wanting to stand up on her like many others do their horses. And I had her kneel several times. I am still wanting to work on this so that I can have her stay down until I get on her then ask her to get up. It will happen, it just takes time.
And Last night I had a friend working with Jake. I am going to teach him this horsemanship stuff using Jake. And Jake was so good. He will be a good teacher for Ken. Ken has ridden with me before, but I really want him understanding what horsemanship through feel is all about and how to achieve it. And He seems to want to learn it. So I taught him some exercises to do that will help him learn about pressure and release. We had a good time just working on these beginning exercises- lateral flexion, vertical flexion, disengaging the hindquarters and back up. As he gets good at these we will move on maybe next week with more.
I am also getting a horse to work with in the next week or so. Just waiting on coggins test and tehn get him over here. He is a 13 year old Tennessee Walker that is pushy, and bucks when going into a canter. I'll have him about a month and will track him on this log for you. He is only about 14 hands and round as a barrel. He needs to lose some weight and be worked with daily. I think that is alot of his problem. The trouble is his owner lives in CA and comes here in the summer and rides maybe once a week. So I guess I am riding the rough off of him for her. But I will try to put a good foundation on him for her so that he transitions ok for her. We will see how it works out.Well gotta go for now.

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