Saturday, April 24, 2010

tons of manure

horse dookey that is. Yeah, I shoveled alot of it this morning. I don't know exactly how much, but figuring that my horses poop at least 8x a day (I know 'cause I counted once. It was a boring day you know.) and adding in that I have been adding to that pile for a long time. There was a lot of it. I will probably be paying for it tomorrow. But  no complaints from me. You know your horse crazy if you can't wait to get out there and shovel some manure. That was me this morning. I don't know, I just love the smells and sounds of horses and I love the exercise. I think I burned lots of calories doing it. I don't
know how many shovel fulls for each load, but I kept track of them to some degree. I didn't want to over do one side than the other so I started swapping hands evvery 6x and then went to 10 then 12 then 20. But I gotta say a man can do alot of thinking while slinging that stuff. And you can have some good conversations if you have a helper as I did last night. The first load was with the help of Martin. That was a blessing. This morning I just had a person standing and watching me and talking to me the entire time I loaded one trailer full. By the end of the manure pile it had turned from fun to work though. I am just glad it is done. My next anticipated task is to rebuild my round pen, making it 45 feet in a different spot. I have another horse coming on Monday or so. I might end up doing the horse at their place, but I will find out on Monday. It depends on timing, shots, and facilities.
Now I am just sitting here relaxing in the lazyboy with the cat trying to sit on me. I am too tired to do any riding tonite and it is kinda damp, although that didn't stop me before. Nevertheless, I think I will sit here for the rest of the night and chill out.
It has been a while since I last posted so I thought I would give you an update on what is happening in my neck of the woods.

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