Thursday, August 25, 2011

One more time

we are almost there. We went through all the exercises for the foundations lessons and he did real good at them. I used a pad Lisa loaned me on Jake instead of a saddle when I rode him this time. I went through the riding exercises all but the cruising/fence and diagonals. He did good at them. He has such a thin top line it was like sitting on the edge of a 1x4 so while I could feel him real good it was not real comfortable. I don't think it would be for him either as it centralizes my weight on one spot on his spine. I can feel just as well with a saddle as far as knowing where his feet are at. And I think the saddle is better for him because as narrow as his top line is it spreads out the weight over a much larger area. But we did do the exercises just with the pad on him.
I am open to trying new things if it will help me become better at feeling the horses movements and his being able to feel my cues so that we move as one.
It was interesting.

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