Monday, August 29, 2011


I had to shelf the idea of working with Jacob for a time. He is a little sore in his right hind foot. So I substituted my other horse a Morgan named Raven. She is alot farther along than Jacob is. In fact, the other day we cruised through the foundations GW exercises and started the riding exercises. I only had time to work her on the bending at a walk though.

Today I went through the GW again and then started working through all the riding exercises. I doubled up on the cruising, fence and diagonal as she does real good at these. I then began the bending at a trot down to a walk. We were on the gravel road so we would just move out straight after bending to a walk. We probably worked on this for 20 minutes or so. Then things began to fall apart. She kept wanting to stop and move her shoulders through. She knows that real well, but I kept trying to drive her through that and keep moving. When we finished I just flexed her on each side several times and quit. The ferrier was here. Good ride though.

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