Saturday, August 27, 2011


Had a good day with Jacob yesterday. I went through all the foundation exercises to make sure he was good to go on. I didn't ride him as much as I wanted to because he is kinda puffy on his right hind foot. That foot has given him some troubles before. His pastern is swollen a bit so I put some medication on it to get the swelling down. I hope it goes away for him. I want to begin to work him again on Monday with the Intermediate exercises. I also found that he had a few vertebrate out so I really massaged the muscles around it. I also discovered his neck is really unbalanced, thick muscled on the left and somewhat atrophied on the right side. I started really massaging him there and he just put his head down and was like 'ah' that feels good. So that was the extent of our workout yesterday. Just getting a feel for those sorts of things in my horse helps me to understand him better. I know when my neck is out it is hard for me to do certain moves and he pain sometimes is prohibitive of any movement. So he and Raven are going to benefit from that knowledge on my part. 
have a great day.

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