Monday, April 2, 2012

day 10

I had to give C the day off yesterday. We had the grandkids over for the night. We rode my horses instead among other things. However, today I was able to go to work with him this afternoon. We started off great in the round pen then moved to the riding area. Here I
we went through the gw and went back to the water trough ditch and worked on that for a while. When we got back I saddled him and started sending him off a little to early cause he got a little antsy with me. Then when I started YH he bit me on the elbow to which I responded like a banshee and made him think he was going to die, literally. Then he straightened right up. I lunged him some more than got on and rode around for a while at the trot. He still is having a hard time following his nose in certain spots and at certain times. It will just take time to work that out of him. I loped him from one end of the arena to the other several times giving him a rest at each end. IT wasn't long before he was loping when asked with my seat position rather than squeezing with legs or spanking.
Lisa, his owner came over for a lesson with him. We started off with going over the gw and then she saddled him and he did very well. He remained relaxed, even when she finally asked for a trot from him. Then it was time to get on him. He did well for her, but exhibited some of the same traits of wanting to be done so he would drift over to where he goes back to the barn or he would want to stop. However, she did a good job at keeping him on task even though he had been worked longer than he ever has in his life. It was good for him.
Tomorrow will be more of the same, only I am going to work with him going in and out of the trailer. I got that fixed today so we are ready to go with that.
That is all for now.

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