Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 12

What a day today was. It started out great. A quick rd pen, then backing all the way down the trail to my riding area. He did real good. Then, I put him to work with the gw exercises only this time whenever he rested it was at the trailer door. I walked him right in and he rested. Then back out to work again then walked him in the trailer to rest. Then back out and he worked then I wanted to send him into the trailer. He wouldn't go so we went back to work. I offered the trailer a second time and he put both feet in and backed right out so we worked again. A few more times at this and he ran right into the trailer. I let him rest about five minutes. Then he came out on his own and we went to work. I offered again, but he regressed. He walks right in behind me, but I want him to go in on his own.
So then I saddled him. He has never been so relaxed with that. I moved him off and Lisa he was real relaxed even going into a nice gentle trot. I worked him gw and he was real relaxed so I got on and we went for a ride. We started out just trotting 3 laps around in both directions. He wanted to lope so we did he went all the way around but when we got back to the trailer area he didn't want to go any farther. It took some coaxing by me but we got by it. This happened three times, and finally he realized we were going to keep going so he just gave in. It was then that we went on the power line to the water ditch and the road. He balked several times but a little foot work and he was willing to move on. We got to the water and had fun there crossing and wading back and forth in it. We crossed the one at the road a couple times then we came back and got unsaddled and went back to work on the trailer. This time it didn't take long and he walked right in. He had been working for about an hour and a half and was ready to rest. So I asked him to go in the trailer. He walked right in. I let him rest for five minutes and we then went back to the barn. He was done for the day. He did a great job. He needs alot more riding to put a handle on him for good steering and such, but He has come along way. in two weeks.

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