Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 11

Ok, this was a good day even better than yesterday. I found a very willing horse to work with. A short time in the rd pen and then off to the back field. I had the trailer all set up so I wasn't really trying to get him in it because I still had the gw and riding to do, but I did the gw and let him rest next to the trailer. He even put both feet in. But we had other things to do yet. So I saddled him and boy did that go real well. He stood and took it like a good horse should. Even when we moved off and did YH and YF and back ups. He was so relaxed that by the time I asked him to trot he had no problem. Then it was time to get on. He flexed real good and we started off. Do you know he offered to trot and then canter right away. However, when we got to the other end where we were stopping yesterday he did not like it that we kept going after a minute or so. But we did some laps trotting and if he offered a nice lope I let him go. We did this a few laps around and then just worked on getting him to follow his nose. When it was time I took the saddle off and started working with him to go into the trailer. We just did the progressive thing getting him to put his head in then both feet and finally without too much pressure I walked him right in. Let him have a good rest. Then back out to do all over. All in all he went in and out 4 times. Now I led him in, but that is ok. Tomorrow we will workon getting him more used to being in the trailer and even wanting to be sent into it.
He goes home on Thursday evening so he is going to have to get good at loading before then.

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