Monday, April 30, 2012

worked in rd pen

I watched CA grade some students on video this afternoon so I had to get out there and work with Jake and Raven in the Rd pen to see what I could do with them. I would probably have gotten a c+ or a b from him. It was really slippery with the rain, I almost fell a couple times as I was backing up to ask them to turn in, so I had to take it a little earsier than I probably would have. But these horses know this exercise and I was just trying to see where we were at. I haven't really worked them in a month or so. However, they gave me some good turns and didn't lollygag through them too much. I got after them to speed them up. Raven does the best at it. I hardly have to ask her and she does what I ask of her. I probably worked them 15 or 20 minutes each in the pen. I had just ate dinner too, so that wasn't a very good idea. Round penning on a full stomach is like trying to exercise on a full stomach. It doesn't work out too good. Anyway, I worked them and then had them follow me around and stop in the center. I then worked on having them keep two eyes on me and put their head in the middle of my chest and leave it there while I rubbed on them. They get the idea. Whenever they took two eyes off me they had to move until they gave them back and then they could just rest and be rubbed. Who wouldn't like that, eh? They learn quick. I finished each of them with about 5 minuters of that then let them out. It was raining so I didn't want them all sweated up either in this dampness. I thought I better get some work done with them before this weekend because I have another horse coming on Saturday and potentially two other horses to work with in the near future so I might not get much time with my own horses. Well time to go so adios!

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