Monday, May 3, 2010

good weekend

Well, I have had a great weekend. I got to attend, auditing of course, a Parelli clinic not far from home. It was with Jesse Peters a Parelli instructor. I enjoyed the lessons and friends. I learned too that the tasks or games as they call them are somewhat the same that I already know. I do need more refinement though. I had to work on some of the tasks on Raven last night when I had the opportunity. I did the tasks with her. Then today I was able to spend the day at the clinic and then came home and worked with Raven again. I am working on the 22' line which I didn't do much work with in the past except for driving. But I did use it in the past for driving. So I got out there this evening and worked with her on the long line. Then I worked with her at liberty and again as I related in past blogs. Raven is doing real good as far as I am concerned. She sticks with me most of the time and makes me look good. I am also working hard on getting her kneel better so that if I want to I can mount her from the kneeling position. I am still trying to get a haunches in, but its not happening yet.
Anyway it is always a good day if I can work with the horses a little each day. I gotta move on to some other tasks this evening so gotta go.

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