Thursday, May 6, 2010

ground work

I thought I better get this posted before I forget. Yesterday I had another opportunity to get out and work with Raven before church time. I was planning on going through some of the ground school and round pen tasks in the 3rd and fourth levels, but didn't make it all the way. I started doing some things with the 22' line then moved to liberty work. We did good but I was trying to get her to stick with me at the trot and she kept wanting to leave me so I made her go and then gave her opportunities to come back to me and she did. I am picking up on the little details that tell me she is still braced or not really wanting to join me so I move her away again. In the end though she wanted to stay with me. I had planned to do some riding, but the time got away from me only had time for the ground work. That was fine, though, because I just want to refine my relationship with her more and more. The problem is having the time to get out there and work with her.

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