Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am presently sitting on my back porch while it is raining. It is getting kinda cool so my fingers feel like they do when they have been cold in the winter. You know stiff and slow moving. Come to think of it that is what I am in the morning when I get up. Have you ever thought about your horse having the same problem? That is why I always work slow with my horse in the beginning of a play session. I want to warm her up like an athlete does, but I also want to check her attitude and get her attention focused on me rather than on what else is out there. So the moment she sees me we are making a connection.
Last night I was able to work on the 22' line for a time going through some exercises. Then I did some liberty work with her she is hooking on me nicely. Then under saddle we did a lot of work on softness and moving her butt over. I am trying to get a haunches in but if the hind end won't move real slippery like then it can't be done. So we did a lot of work on that. I have to up the intensity though I am certain. We have hit a plateau that somehow needs to be broken and reach new heights in our connection. I can visualize how to do get the haunches in but I can't work it out physically. I might have to get my instructor here to help me with this one. I am also trying to get to the point where I can ride at liberty without bridle, but I still have several tasks to accomplish before that will happen. All this just takes time. I worked on kneeling with her at the end of the session. She relaxed and I could have stepped on her but instead opted to end the session with that.
It was fun, relaxing and calming, though we did have a few moments where she decided bracing was the best answer. So I had to work that out of her before we quit. Her head was in my hands at the end though in a nice relaxing way. Maybe today we will get a chance to play again before church.

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