Monday, June 7, 2010

Joey Day 10

Ok, today's time was a little off. I could tell right away that Joey would need to some remedial work. He didn't want to stand when I saddled him and he nipped me or tried to when I was putting the saddle on. So I had to correct that right way. So with that attitude he was displaying I had to go back and correct that attitude by moving his feet. So I saddled and then moved him on the lunge line til he changed his mind about things. After going through his daily warmup exercises I worked on his leg yield down the fence in both directions. I also lunged him at liberty for some time. He decided that it was better to be near me and follow me around. Then the last 45 min or so I rode him trying to get him really soft and bridled up and then asking for trot. He did that pretty good. I tried to get some good canter out of him, to no avail. I decided that part of the problem is how I ask him, 'cause if I am not in position or am hindering his ability to canter he won't do it easily. But in the right lead he would go right into a canter for me. But to the left he wouldn't do it until I figured out that I have to help him go into it by getting in time with his foot falls. Then he did. But I had already been working at it for several minutes and I told him I would quit if he gave me a few good strides at the canter. When he did, I quit.
So we will pick it up tomorrow.

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