Thursday, June 10, 2010

Joey Day 12

tonite we had a good ride. I put him in the rd. pen and worked on leg yields down the fence and also sacked him out using a plastic bag and also had my stick caught under his tail. He didn't like the tail thing. I have to do some work on that. He should be allow a rope under his tail without going nuts. Then I rode him in the pen and just wanted to work on getting a good canter out of him. We worked a good while on that. We did canter alot, but I determined to take him out on the road and see how he does.
He stood in the yard no problem after mounting. Then we went down the road doing several circles, some serpentines and one rein stops. He doesn't really have a good handle on following his nose when he doesn't want to. So we did alot of circles in the road and down the road. We did trot a bunch doing this, but I am going to really get a handle on him as far as paying attention to my rein. He didn't want to go far from home so I took him a ways down the road and then brought him back and really worked him, then took him down the road again on a loose rein then did some circles and stops and came back to the pen and did some more work then went back down the road. He really needs to be paying attention to me and following my lead on where we are going and what we are doing. I did several disengagements that turned into moving the shoulders over too. That was real nice. We have a couple weeks of riding yet so we are on track with where we should be.
We'll be at it again tomorrow.

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